Nikcole Mini-Systems

Nikcole Mini-SystemsNikcole Mini-Systems offer a series of unique mini cutting and grooving tools.

They feature a full range of tool holders with minimum hardware. Each tool holder has only one positive locking insert screw, and a unique insert pocket design that assures a repeatable cutting edge location.

Our Mini-Systems standard inserts produce narrow grooves, threads, turning and copying, in a wide variety of materials. They provide two cutting edges on one insert, and are available in extremely narrow widths ranging from .019" to .125" (0.5mm to 3.0mm). They are made of coated or uncoated carbide grades.

Nikcole Mini-Systems are all you'll ever need for external and internal grooving, cutoff, threading, turning and copying under .125" (3.0mm).

Please view our Mini-Systems product specifications:

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